Computer Coaching Clinic

*This program requires the completion of the 2 Day Advanced School, wheel to wheel license or other organization equivalent.
This program is designed to provide advanced drivers with a data based coaching day that will aid in the fine tuning of their driving technique, measure the efficacy of various experiments, provide a means of comparison with other drivers and instructors, and establish individual base lines to monitor progress in many significant areas. How It Works Students will be driving BR F-2000 race cars equipped with GPS based data loggers.  Critical data, such as lap times, segment times, speed, r.p.m. and bi-axis g-forces will be recorded.  Number of sessions and over all track time will be determined based on each individual’s program, but will generally far exceed that of a normal testing day.  Data will then be downloaded and made available to drivers. In addition to the generation of a track map, data will be available by session, lap and corner (segment). Between sessions, drivers and instructors will review, analyze, and compare data, with an eye towards identifying problems and improving upon results. Line and technique experimentation will also be encouraged. Basic car setup analysis and experimentation may also be included. How It Will Help All drivers, in varying degrees, are faced with limitations that impede their development. In-car information processing, post session recall, and in many cases, objective analysis are among the most significant. Data acquisition expedites the development process by providing an objective, empirical record of what transpires on the track, and allows for in depth post session analysis. It also records progress from lap to lap and session to session, quantifies the results of experiments, and provides a method of comparison with other drivers. Goals of the Program While the intention of the program is to remain flexible, with respect to each driver’s goals and requirements, typical areas the program is aimed at include: Establishing & reaching braking thresholds Establishing & reaching cornering thresholds Improvement in footwork Line Experimentation Technique Experimentation Consistency/Mistake Minimization Smoothness/Minimizing Inputs Reducing “Coast” Finding max entry speed Shifting technique Developing new techniques In short, it is an additional tool to help you become a faster and more consistent driver. Who Is It For? While this program would almost certainly benefit any driver, it is probably of greatest value to more experienced drivers; those who’s learning curve has begun to flatten out, and are finding it difficult to get that extra “10th.” Enrollment is limited.

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