1/2 Day PM Road Racing School – Pocono September 24, 2023


The perfect school for someone looking to experience the thrill of a Formula racing car for only 1/2 a day.

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A High-Speed Schedule For An Adrenaline Driven Sport!

Upon registration completion, the programs will begin with an introductory classroom that will teach students about the fundamentals of driving a race car on track.  Materials covered range from apexes and brake points, to entry and exit speeds, as well as basic track etiquette and rules. After this classroom, students will immediately take to the track in our school street cars. This segment will allow the students to gain an in depth preview of the track they will be on; and driving the street cars themselves will allow our instructors to make an initial assessment of their driving from the passenger seat. After this segment has concluded, students will undergo a brief transitional classroom that teaches them our use of flags on track, and the operation of our race cars. Once this final classroom is complete, the students will be conducting the rest of their program in our race cars for two 20 minute sessions.


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