3 Day Road Racing School – Pocono July 31-August 2, 2023


The school to start off with in your racing career, and the first part to getting a racing license.

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This is a school that is intended for motorsports enthusiasts to take their first step in their motorsports hobby or racing career. Students will learn all the necessary fundamentals to driving a racecar on track at a high performance level. Students will be learning and practicing a broad range of knowledge and skills. Below are just a few of the quality reasons that so many students have attended our program and became successful in the world of motorsports.

  • Plenty of classroom instruction ensures that students are able to learn the fundamentals of road racing in a stress free environment.
  • Students will be assigned to their instructors to form a friendship that allows for more focused and more relaxed training.
  • The utilization of street cars on the racetrack means that students will get hands-on training with immediate feedback.
  • The “slidecars” give the best car control and hand-eye technique training in the world!
  • Controlled passing allows for students to learn and progress at their own pace, not someone else’s.


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